About the Company

My name is Robert Barron. I’ve been a woodworker, carpenter, mechanic, and registered nurse for almost 30 years. I love what I do and continually try to improve my manual and customer service skills.

In 1978 I was in my second year of operating a woodworking shop in Minneapolis, MN. My partner and I built furniture and restored antiques but we weren’t making enough money. To help us keep the shop doors open I began working as a carpenter on framing crews in the Twin Cities suburbs. I became fascinated with home construction and eventually joined the carpenter’s union as an apprentice in 1980. When I had a thorough grasp of how houses and buildings are put together I moved on to work with remodeling crews in the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Quebec. While performing my tasks as a carpenter I always made a point of learning from other trades. As a handyman this exposure to other trades has allowed me to expand the range of services I can offer. I also gained valuable experience building museum displays and the set for a motion picture.

 In 1989 I received my degree in Nursing and shortly after that my license as a registered nurse. I remain actively licensed with dual careers in carpentry and hospice nursing.


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