Please visit my photo gallery to see the variety of tasks I’ve completed lately.

Carpentry Work:
  • Deck Repair,
  • Building and Removing Walls,
  • Doors and Windows: Repair/Install (or smaller building projects),
  • Water Damage Repair,
  • Trim Installation and Repair,
  • Etc. (I welcome a good outside the box project)
Handyman Tasks:
  • Sheetrock repairs,
  • Fixing broken furniture,
  • Installing new plumbing and electrical fixtures,
  • Painting etc.
  • Assembling furniture
  • Hanging paintings, mirrors, etc.
  • Replacing Electrical Outlets
  • or Other Light Electrical Work

Home Tune-Ups

I encourage home tune-ups: Think of everything in your home or business that doesn’t operate properly, is worn out, or you’d like to see built or altered. Think of any of those tasks that require carpentry, plumbing, sheetrocking, or electrical skills, and then contact me. I love new challenges, so just ask.

I’ve also built and repaired boats and built sets for museums and and a major motion picture.

The majority of my work is charged by the hour to reflect the unknowns in remodeling and repair work, and to allow changes in plan in response to new ideas.

Please contact me here.